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Primobolan 100mg/10ml

Primobolan 100mg/10ml

Manufacturer: Swiss Healthcare

Quantity: 100mg / 1ml x 10

Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate 100mg

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What is Primobolan 100mg/10ml?

Primobolan is generally known as one of the most costly steroids for body building, also called methenolone or methenolone. It is very common with body builders who want to burn fat while at the same time developing lean muscle mass. It does not give you the kind of big muscle gains that some of the other steroids on the market would give you.

Primobolan purchase benefits

#1: Primobolan is one of the most effective anabolic fat burning steroids. It helps you get rid of the "skinny" or excess fat that is so hard to lose.

#2: While Primobolan doesn't really help you get bulky, it does keep your lean muscle mass on even when you burn fat. It strengthens the muscles and increases muscle density.

#3: Primobolan facilitates protein synthesis, which allows you to make the most of the food proteins and use this in muscle building as much as you can.

#4: The fat burning of Primobolan is promoted and the fat oxidation has increased. It alleviates catabolism effects and prevents catabolism from breaking up protein.

How does Primobolan 100mg/10ml works?

Primobolan 100mg/10ml is a very strong, but not so useful, cutting agent as a bulking steroid. It binds the androgen receiver closely and speeds up the burning fat process. It serves as a binding agent and a trimmer, and is one of the best anabolic steroids for the trim process.

The toxic effects of Primobolan 100mg/10ml don't fit those of other steroids. The liver is not toxic and aromatase is not as simple as any other anabolic steroid. The estrogen effect is small and even though it is taken in high doses it does not become estrogen.

If you take Primobolan or other side effects like man's boobs or high blood pressure, you don't have to think about water retention or blowing.

You get clean, pure and long-term muscle gains with this steroid. It is a perfectly safe steroid, but the anticipated effects need time.
How do you get Primobolan?

Primobolan 100mg/10ml is an injectable steroid that you can use as injections rather than as a tablet or medication.

The advisable dose of Primobolan should be 100mg to 125mg daily for beginners in bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders with experience take 400mg or more a day, but this is not recommended.
Stack up on Primobolan

Primobolan is quite rarely taken by himself. Most bodybuilder builders stack Primobolan with other steroids, including Winstrol and Enanthate Testosterone.

This looks like an ideal Primobolan – Testosterone Enanthate – Winstrol stacking cycle:

Primobolan – for 10 weeks 100 mg daily.

For 8 weeks Winstrol – 380 mg a week.

Enanthate Testosterone – 100 mg weekly for ten weeks.

A Primobolan – Testosterone Enanthate – Winstrol helps you develop an impressive muscle mass as you simultaneously lose body fat. It allows you to obtain your ever-dreaming, ribbed muscular physically.